DVD Goalies 2020 – info English

There are hundreds of goalie exercises in my previous six DVDs which I published during the last years: Goalies 2014, Goalies 2015, Goalies 2016, Goalies 2017, Goalies 2018 and Goalies 2019.

I nearly love some of the exercises and often use them, sometimes even in other contexts, especially in coordination training with my students from the Austrian middle school MS Gföhl

On the other hand I am always looking for content from other sports, because I think it is important to add new ideas into goalie training frequently, like rope skipping in the picture here with the talented goalies from the former Austrian Youth National Team 1998 and younger.

My thesis is that a handball goalie has to focus on so many different, unexpected and sometimes new things during the game, therefore s/he should focus on different, unexpected and sometimes new situations during the training sessions.

Even if 2020 was a special year, the idea of my DVD is still the same: Showing how to arrange exercises with a clear task from

the easy to the difficult,

one after the other. Generally you see quite a difficult often complex exercise in the end of such a row and you think „How can I teach and coach my goalies to work through this?“: Easy, just start with the first steps of my chapters.

It will take some time – weeks, maybe months – until I publish G20, but in the meantime you can order G14 – G19 on www.coach-filz.com or you can contact me on messenger. Regular updates here!

Have a nice time. I already wish you a successful year 2021!

Coach Filz.

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