Curriculum vitae

My life in the world of handball (October 2021)

These are my bigger projects until now …


since 2021 publication of all of my handball goalkeeper exercises on Vimeo

since 2020/21 teacher and handball coach SMS Gföhl, Lower Austria

since 2019 Curriculum design and lectruring at the D-trainer education for the handball federation of Lower Austria (NÖHV) and the Academy of education in Lower Austria (PHNÖ) – cooperation project / pilot project

2019/20 goalie coach boys UHK Krems

2018/19 Austrian Champion and Cup Winner as goalie coach of UHK Krems (first league men, Austria)

2018/19 project athletic tests for the youngsters of UHK Krems

2018 Jakob Jochmann Challenge – a programme for static and dynamic core stability designed for youngsters during the offseason together with Peter Wallner

2017 Post Graduate Master – Programme at the University of Las Palmas (Spain), a pilot project for EHF Master Coaches

08/2016-05/2020 Goalie coach and defensive analyst UHK Krems (first and second team men)

since 2016 Goalie Academy Austria co-founder and head of sports, follow us here

since 2016 EHF Master Coach, graduation in Gothenburg

2016 Certificate for Goalkeeper Coaching Seminar run by the German Handball Federation (DHB), graduation in Kiel as the first non – German

since 2014 publisher of „Goalies“ my favourite exercises in goalkeeper training, yearly editions on DVD, details here

2012 birth of my son Nick

since 2010 Pädagogische Hochschule Niederösterreich lecturer further education teacher training

since 2010 Project supervisor: We support handball in Uganda (facebook group)

since 2010 Coaching Lecturer European Handball Federation: special fields goalkeeper training & youth coaching

2010 – 2013 „Oberstufenrealgymnasium für Leistungssport (ORGL) St. Pölten handball trainer for three seasons

since 2010 HVN (Handballverband Niedersachsen) lecturer for goalkeeper education in Lower Saxony

2009/10 Sports director Union St. Pölten, staying in the second league men

2009 Handball trainer education, licence B in Lower Saxony, Germany

2009 „Jugend trainiert für Olympia5th place with CJD Christophorusschule Elze (Lower Saxon champion)

2009 Champion in Lower Saxony & Second place in Northern Germany with the cadets (MJB) of Eintracht Hildesheim (GER)

2006 – 2008 Vorarlberger Handballverband training supervisor

2006 – 2017 ÖHBNational Coach with 131 caps for the female youth and junior teams of Austria in different functions: headcoach, assistant coach & goalkeeper coach, 2 x European Open (Gothenburg), 3 x EC (Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic), 2 x EYOF (Serbia & Turkey).

2005 – 2016 Pädagogische Hochschule Vorarlberg lecturer further education teacher training

since 2004 Lecturer for the Austrian trainer education at the sports academies (BSPA) of Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck and Linz

2002 Graduation Handball trainer education, licence A in Linz (Austria)

2002 Graduation at the University of Vienna, Master’s degree in education

since 1996 Lower secondary school teacher SMS St. Pölten, SMS Schendlingen (old school name „SHS Vorkloster“), SMS Gföhl

1996 Graduation Pädagogische Akademie der Diözese St. Pölten in Krems (now PH Krems), teacher training college, license to teach English as a second language and Physical Education in lower secondary schools

since 1992 Youth coaching on club level: Union St. Pölten, A1 Bregenz Handball, Eintracht Hildesheim (GER), UHK Krems; curriculum design for the handball academy Bregenz (2003); in addition regional selector for the federation of Vorarlberg (Austria)

1984 – 1999 Handball player for Union St. Pölten (youth teams, then first and second league) and ASKÖ mibag Linz (first league, second place 1991); 25 caps for youth and junior national team AUT, best youth goalkeeper (MJA) AUT 1990 & 1991, qualification for the Junior World Championship in Egypt 1993

1990 BG Josefstraße St. Pölten, upper secondary school, higher education entrance qualification

* 1972 in St. Pölten, Austria

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Coach Filz, October 2021.